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This Silly Thing Called Jealousy, by Mackeygenius

Title: This Silly Thing Called Jealousy
Author: Mackeygenius
Disclaimer: Don't own anything.
Rating: Nc-17
Pairing: Rodney/OC, Rodney/John
Category: First Time
Words count: 2694
Summary: Strangely Jealous!John is a turn on.
A/N: Be kind this is my first Nc-17 SGA so I'm kinda nervous. I also want to thank my amazing beta Silens Unus.


Sheppard was watching Rodney techno babble with Kaiman, one of the Siferans, a passive and well developed people they had met on the planet. He glanced at Teyla and Ronon who looked as bored as he felt, they were signing a treaty with the Siferans and staying for two days on the planet. It was an easy mission, no Wraith, no Genii and the soldier had to admit it was a nice change.

Finally Moyra, a very hot brunette told them dinner was ready so John decided it was time to drag the Head scientist to eat.

"C'mon McKay. You'll have all the time to talk about technology later." he said, a smirk on his lips as the Canadian huffed and glared at him for the interruption.

"It's alright Rodney, we'll continue our conversation during the meal if you wish." offered Kaiman.

The man was tall, in his mid thirties, dark-haired, blue eyed and muscular despite the fact he was a scientist. The Siferan had managed to catch Rodney's attention and since SGA:1 had arrived that morning on the planet, the two scientists seemed to be joined to the hip, talking about algorithms and formulas. They could have been talking in Chinese for what John could understand.

McKay's blue eye's lightened at Kaiman's suggestion and he nodded happily. The meal went on, Rodney munching away happily, his attention focused only on the Siferan scientist. Teyla was calmly talking with the head of the city and Ronon was eating. His hunger seemed to amaze the persons sitting beside the Satedan. John smiled at the picture his team made and turned to his right to talk to the beautiful Moyra.


A few hours later, night had fallen. They had been assigned the two guest quarters. John and Rodney were sharing the same room and Teyla and Ronon the other. The American wondered once again if the gossip on Atlantis about the Athosian and the Satedan being an item was true or not. He was undoing his boots when he noticed Rodney wasn't preparing himself for the night. In fact the Canadian was throwing an Ancient scanner into his vest and heading for the door.

"Hey, wait a minute. Where are you going?"

"Kaiman offered to show me one of his special projects, I'm going to see it."

"Now?" questioned the soldier in disbelief.

"Yes, now. Is there a problem?"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Duh? Because I hadn't the time maybe?"

"For God's sake McKay, how many times do I have to remind you that on new planet you DON'T go wandering ALONE."

"What? I'm not alone, I'm with Kaiman. Besides Colonel, you should have more faith in my strong instinct of self-preservation, if I thought the situation was dangerous I wouldn't go willingly."

"Alright, give me a minute. I'm going with you."

The scientist snorted. "Nonsense Sheppard, you're going to be bored out of your mind. Like you said earlier we're just going to talk about technology, what could possibly happen?"


A few minutes later, Rodney had his answer when he found himself pressed up against one of the walls of the lab as he was kissed eagerly by Kaiman. Oh-kay. That wasn't exactly the project he had in mind. And FUCK! Because he realized Sheppard had been right. Why? Why was he always oblivious when someone was hitting on him? First Alina, now Kaiman.
So... so maybe he should do something about his current predicament, like move or push the other man away. Yeah, right. Let's face it, it made 2 YEARS since he had any, and a kiss with Carson or Katie in his high jacked body didn't count, neither did his hallucination of Carter.

Kaiman really knew how to kiss, just the right amount of pressure, lips and tongue. Yeah, really, really, really good. Maybe a few more minutes wouldn't hurt. Usually it was always Sheppard who had hot aliens (female or male) panting after him like dogs in heat, it was only fair that Rodney received some attention once in awhile. He had no reason to feel guilty, he had been honest with Sheppard, he had really believed Kaiman and him were going to talk about work. Though he wasn't going to complain about the sudden change of situation.

The Canadian groaned as Kaiman brought one knee between his legs and shit, he was hard. Yet it seemed understandable since his fellow scientist was too. Still kissing, his mouth never leaving Rodney's, Kaiman slid his hand into the scientist's pants and managed to jerk him off with brilliance. Rodney moaned loudly, his hands digging into the strong shoulders of the Siferan and came. He was stunned to see his orgasm alone brought Kaiman to ecstasy. That was totally hot.

"Wow." he whispered, breathing roughly. "That was... unexpected."

"But good I hope." said Kaiman with a satisfied grin.

"More than good but still unexpected." admitted Rodney with a relaxed smile.

The Siferan leaned down, kissing the scientist once again. "I wanted to do this project since the first second I met you."

"I bet you say that to all foreign scientists who cross your path."

"Oh, I swear not."

"Hmm, it's getting late. I better go back before Sheppard arrives, trying to save my endangered virtue."

"Goodnight then. I hope we'll have the time to work again on this kind of project during the rest of your stay."

"I'll think about it." replied Rodney as he left the lab, still licking his lips.

As he headed to his quarters, he cursed when he realized the state he was in. Sticky pants. Wet and uncomfortable. Great. OK, maybe if he prayed Sheppard would already be asleep. He opened the door as silently as he could, thanking his luck when he saw the lights were off. He headed to his bed with the help of the moonlight, undoing his boots.

"That was quick." stated Sheppard's voice out of the blue.

Rodney jumped in surprise, his heart beating loudly in his chest, one day the damn fly boy was going to give him a heart attack. FUCK, of course, Sheppard had to be awake, Lady Luck hated him. He could feel a panic attack coming. Was he supposed to say something? Better not. Just clean himself a bit before going to bed, he just had to grab the spare pants he always had in his bag. He had taken the habit after falling into another puddle of mud during the 3rd mission on Planet Mud.

"So was it interesting?" continued the soldier.

No shit. Rodney bit his lips, if he only knew...

"Well... mostly. I mean, huh, yes of course." he replied, sweating as he was lying through his teeth. He finally found his pair of clean pants, headed toward the bathroom where he cleaned himself rapidly.

When McKay came back Sheppard was sitting on his bed, wide awake, staring at the fidgeting scientist.

"What's the rush Rodney?"

"Nothing. Just tired. Goodnight." said the scientist as he got into his bed and threw the covers over his head, staying quiet.

He groaned as the lights were turn on and his covers were dragged away from him, he felt the bed dip as Sheppard's weight was added. He glared at the soldier, tugging on his cover and turning his back to him.

"Major, trying to sleep here."

"It's Colonel and you know it. C'mon, what's the matter? Usually you talk my ears off when you see new technology."

"Well, I'm tired and I need my sleep. Go away and bug someone else."

"Stop feeding me bullshit, you suck at lying Rodney. You've got me curious, what was it about?"

"I'll try to keep it short and understandable for someone like you." stated Rodney with condescension. "Kaiman is working on some kind of energy field similar to Atlantis shield. Since we already have the technology it holds no interest for us."

Please, buy it.

"I see. Just one last question."

"WHAT?!" asked the exasperated scientist.

"Why aren't you looking at me?"

"What kind of question is that?!"

"A good one. Since you came back, you've avoided looking at me."

"Stupid reasoning. You may not realize it, but the universe doesn't revolve around you, Sheppard." he glanced at the soldier rapidly. "There, I looked, happy? Now shut up, turn the lights off and let me sleep."

Suddenly a strong hand grabbed his shoulder and he yelped in pain as he found himself sprawled on his back. Sheppard was straddling his hips, Rodney's wrists down over his head, his face hovering at few inches from Rodney's, his green eyes staring intently at the scientist.

"The silent staring is kind of creepy, you know." stated Rodney in a tone strangely calm.

"Your lips are swollen."


"Your lips are bitten and swollen."

"Excuse me but why are we discussing the state of my lips at 1AM? What do you want me to say? Sorry, next time I'll use lip balm?"

"Don't take me for a fool, Rodney. What happened?"

"Nothing. I bit them, big deal."

John glared at him, nearly growling as he leaned down. "Don't lie to me." he hissed, his hands squeezing the scientist's wrists tighter.

"I'm not! What is your fucking problem?! And don't..."

He was cut in mid sentence when a pair of lips crashed against his. And holy hell, did he turn on some kind of sex device without noticing, what other explanation was their for him to be receiving this kind of greeting twice in less than an hour? The kiss was hard, hungry and really hot. Fuucckkk! He was hard again. John Sheppard owned well his title of Captain Kirk, knew how to make boys and girls fall without looking back. He moaned as he felt John's arousal dig into his hip, creating a sweet and maddening friction. Oh, they should really stop because last time Rodney checked DADT still existed and if only he could get his tongue to respond and play with Sheppard's...

"I can taste him in your mouth." whispered John, his voice rough with lust and anger.

The scientist moaned again as the skilled hands of the pilot released his wrists moved, exploring his body. He shivered as the hot breath of Sheppard tickled his ear.

"Did you let him take you?" asked Sheppard, nibbling and sucking his earlobe.

McKay groaned, biting his lips nearly hard enough to draw blood.

"Rodney, answer me."

"N... No." he managed to answer breathlessly.



"Hmm, good." stated John as he mouthed Rodney's throat, his hands roaming under the scientist's shirt.

"Tell me where you let him touch you."

Rodney shook his head, feeling Sheppard's right hand go South, mimicking Kaiman's touch.

"You reek of sex, I could smell it all over you." he confessed as he roughly grabbed Rodney's hard cock in his warm palm. "I was so hard that I jerked off when you were in the bathroom." He began to jerk the scientist off slowly. "I came all over my hand and watched you lie to me, Rodney. So openly. So badly. So poorly." he kissed the pale throat of the Canadian, and Rodney's heart skipped before starting to race. "You rubbed it in my face, Rodney. It was cruel and unfair because I wanted you first!" he snarled.

Rodney couldn't move his eyes from Sheppard's face. He didn't recognize the man in front of him, the jealousy written on Sheppard's face made his throat go dry. Rodney was stunned to discover it was an amazing turn on. And Sheppard talking dirty while his hand was on his cock... guh...

"You nearly let him take you against the damn wall."

The statement jolted Rodney like an electroshock.

"What? How..."

"I followed you. I wasn't going to let you go alone into unknown territory. And yes, I saw everything. I thought you would push him away, at least hit him in the groin. If I had known, I would have ravished you against a wall long ago." he told him seriously. "Saw how you reacted at his touch, heard you moan like a whore in heat. 2 YEARS, McKay, 2 FUCKING YEARS I thought you were straight!"

The scientist moaned under the soldier's touch, totally turned on by the confession of voyeurism. John Sheppard aka Captain Kirk had wanted him since the beginning. Talk about surprises...

"I'm going to make you moan and scream my name until your throat hurts. I won't be appearing out of the blue to save your virtue this time Rodney, because I'll be the one endangering it."

Rodney's eyes widened, breathing roughly as the other man brought him off. The scientist was thrown by the force of his orgasm, he was totally boneless and let the soldier kiss him, feeling his hands tearing his shirt open. The slender fingers danced over his bare chest, before taking his pants off. Finally Rodney remembered he had hands to use as well and managed to get Sheppard naked as well. Then he captured John's mouth in a bruising kiss, trying to share the passion and lust that was up building inside.

Hazel eyes burned into his and Rodney cried out as two mysteriously slicked fingers hit his prostate again and again before another finger was slipped inside to stretch and prepare, the slight discomfort was replaced by intense pleasure as clever fingers scissored inside of him. He whimpered when they were removed, only to moan in pleasure as they were replaced by a large cock. He cursed at the sudden discomfort, distracting himself by looking at Sheppard biting his lips as he slid into him slowly, dragging out the feeling of fullness that was overwhelming Rodney. He found the situation surreal, knowing John Sheppard, with his looks and charisma, wanted someone like him was hard to believe. Yet the hungry stare was irrefutable. John began to move, raising Rodney's legs over his shoulders.

"Oh God... John, oh yes... like that."

"Fuck, Rodney. You're so tight." gritted Sheppard, biting his lips not to come too soon. "So hot."

The two men moved in synch, grunts and moans of pleasure echoing around the silent room. Then the soldier studied Rodney, memorizing every detail of the scientist face. Too soon for their liking, they both came. A couple of minutes passed before they could catch their breaths. Rodney was slowly stroking the damp back of John as he slipped out of him before wiping them both clean with the sheet.

"Never saw you jealous before." said the scientist cutting through the comfortable silence.

"Never thought I had a chance before."

"So?" wondered Rodney. "How should I interpret that? Don't take it the wrong way, I really enjoyed the angry sex but what did it mean? One night stand? Something more? Or should I forget this and return to Kaiman for my sexual urges?"

The Colonel growled, leaving the purple hickey he had been busy leaving.

"I thought I was clear enough, Rodney. I want you and there is no way you're going back to that perverted nerd." he spat out hatefully.

The Canadian smirked smugly. "Just making sure."

"To reply to your question, even if I got a little carried away, I'm not just looking for a one night stand."

"A little carried away?" repeated the scientist, snorting. "John, I'm pretty sure you fucked me right through the mattress, that's more than getting a little carried away, in my opinion."

The soldier had a silly grin plastered across his face.

"What?" snapped Rodney.

"You called me John."

"We just had sex. I'm not going to call you Colonel, I'm not that kinky." admitted the Canadian.

"Good to know." stated John.

Rodney rolled his eyes, yawning. "OK, stop wearing this stupid 'I just got laid' grin and let me sleep, will you."

John smiled widely as he watched his scientist fall asleep. His. Having a bad case of the green eyed monster was good sometimes. He settled against Rodney, wrapping an arm around his waist, unable to stop grinning. Maybe he should thank Kaiman tomorrow, after making sure the Siferan knew that Rodney was off limits of course.

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